Top Cleaner Services

My husband and I recently finished a redecorating project in our living room. This mainly involved painting the walls, as well as changing some accessories to give the room a face lift. When we were done I noticed the woodwork looked like it needed treatment. I was out of time and energy to tackle that project so I decided to hire the job done. I talked to my neighbour and she suggested calling some cleaning services to get a quote on getting the job done. She gave me the telephone number of two cleaning services that she had heard good things about from others.

I called the cleaning services and explained that I needed the wood work cleaned and conditioned. Each service stated that they would send out a person that lived close to me that could give me an estimate on the job. The estimate was free of charge and there was no obligation. I made appointments with both cleaning services. When the representative from the first company arrived she listened to what I wanted and looked at the size of the room and the amount of the wood work. She then gave me a quote for the project and the time frame of when she would be able to complete the project. She left her telephone number so that I could call her if I decided to hire her. The representative from the second of the two cleaning services came and looked at what I wanted done. She also looked at the wood mantel of the fireplace and suggested that this be done as well. She stated that for a minimal charge she would also wash the windows inside and out. I was impressed that she took the initiative to point out additional things that needed cleaning to give the room a completed, clean look. The quote she gave me was very reasonable. She also brought along the names of three households that she had done work at so I could call for references. She said I should contact her company if I decided to use her cleaning services.

I called the numbers that she had provided for references and heard glowing reports about the quality of the services this second woman provides. Two of the households report that they have had her come back to their homes for different projects.

I called the second of the two cleaning services and hired the job done. I told them on the phone that I was impressed with how their staff had taken the initiative to point out things that needed to be done in the room as well as providing references. I then contacted the other company and let them know that I would not be using them. I suggested to them that they have their cleaners provide references when they come to bid a job.

We have been very pleased with the cleaning services. We will be using this company again for additional projects and for our fall cleaning. Quality and professionalism are things to keep in minds when you are hiring people to come into your home to clean.